Regional Council Laboratory

Due to its unique and flexible properties, Modulab Connect was chosen by this council as their preferred benching solution. Our projects team was commissioned to design and deliver a complete laboratory complex to cater for the continued growth of the Regional Council laboratory.

Our consultancy team performed workflow assessment on-site at the existing laboratory facility to assist with efficiency improvements and cost per sample reductions, to ensure that the transition to the new facility provided higher return on investment (ROI)

The full turnkey design to installation service project was then completed. The laboratory complex was was broken down into the following spaces:

  • Microbiological Laboratory.
  • General Chemistry Laboratory.
  • Organics Laboratory.
  • In-Organics Laboratory.
  • Discrete/Nutrient Analysis  Laboratory.
  • Sample Receipt & Archiving  Laboratory.

Using the proprietary Modulab Connect® furniture system, an outstanding, highly functional and flexible laboratory space was delivered that gives the Regional Council Laboratory an optimised throughput efficiency and the competitive advantage.




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